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    Our History
    Established in 2013, Xiamen Lynsa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. are specialize in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of solar energy application and outdoor appliance.
    Lynsa keeps to the product principle of "advanced R&D and quality first". Meanwhile, Lynsa has continuously devoted to product development for providing plentiful benchmarking products, including Portable power station, Folding solar charger, solar regulator, solar freezer, portable compressor freezer etc. Products are exported to USA, EU, Australia, Middle East countries, etc.
    Our Factory
    By gathering professional engineers and designers, and introducing advanced R&D and testing equipment from Domestic and abroad continuously, Lynsa keeps on product innovation and quality improvement for new technical aspects and more business all over the world, and work closely with upstream and downstream suppliers to share the growth and development.
    Our Product
    Our main products are
    1. Solar regulator.
    2. Portable power station.
    3. Foldable solar panel.
    4. Portable compressor freezer.
    We have many types of products for you to choose from, must be one you like or need. As a trustable manufacturer and professional exporter, our customers range from large multinational organizations to small individual companies. You are all valued here.
    Product Application
    We are aiming to offer you more support for your outdoor lifestyle. Our products are suitable for camping, traveling, emergency lighting and outdoor working etc. It is a series products, designed to provide DC and AC power for mobile devices and outdoor appliances. Solar panel for charging, Solar regulator to adapt, Portable power station to store, and compressor freezer to enjoy.
    Our Certificate
    At present, we have one countries for patents for inventions, utility models of three patent and another two countries have applied for patents for inventions.
    Production Equipment
    We have a series advanced equipment:
    1.Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber.
    2.High Frequency Surge.
    3.ICT Tester.
    4.Salt Spray Machine.
    5.Shieldered Chamber.
    6.Wave Soldering.
    7.Assembly Workshop.
    Production Market
    We sell the products both domestic and oversea. Our sales speak English fluently and help you to fulfill the order. Our products mainly exported to USA, EU, Australia and Middle East etc. During the past years, we have gained much praise from our customers. Their satisfication is our best award. A long way for us to go together.
    Our service
    Work out solution together with you.
    Strict quality control and products status updation.
    Product warranty and technical support.12 Volts Compressor Fridge manufacturers

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