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    Zhejiang KINGLEAD Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and sales of Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machines. The products cover Leather Sewing Machines, Upholstery Sewing Machines, Flat Bed Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Long Arm Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Post Bed Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Cylinder Bed Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Heavy Duty Zigzag Sewing Machines, Extra Heavy Duty Thick Thread Decorative Seams Sewing Machines, Ornamental Stitch Sewing Machines, FIBC Bags Making Sewing Machines, Shoes Making Sewing Machines, Automatic Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Top and Bottom Feed Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Compound Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, Special Sewing Machines, Customized Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, and all kinds of Heavy Duty Sewing Mahcines.
    Nowadays, KINGLEAD Heavy Duty Sewing Machines are widely used in Sofa Furniture, Auto Upholstery, Aero Interiors, Luggage Case and Suitcases, Bags and Handbags, Leather Goods, Shoes, Tarpaulins, Saddles, Harness, Marine and Aviation Interiors Upholstery, Sails, Boat Covers, Webbing Slings, Awnings, Yachts, Armchairs, Recliners, Home Upholstery, Canvas, Synthetics, Vinyl Signs, Webbings and Straps, Tents and Parachutes, Leather Clothing, Neoprene and Wetsuits, Climbing Ropes, Military Gears, Jeans, Bouncy Castle, Sports Products, Container Bags and FIBC Bags, Buffing Wheels, Carpets and Nettings, and other Heavy Duty Thick Materials products sewing process, so KINGLEAD Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machines is active in various fields of fashions, indoors and outdoors, sports and geotextile, Automotive, Upholstery and Leather Industries, etc...
    KINGLEAD Sewing Machine, the world brand of Heavy Duty Sewing Machines for all kinds of Heavy materials and thick threads, provide customized Heavy duty sewing machines to meet any demands of heavy duty materials and thick threads special stitching sewing process, ornamental and decorative seams for leather upholstery or textile fabrics. Special Heavy Duty Sewing Machines can improve working-efficiency, save labors cost and make more beautiful and perfect products, to experience the luxury feels of stitches with threads.
    KINGLEAD Heavy Duty Leather and Upholstery Sewing Machines are mainly applied for stitching Automotive and Marine Upholstery, Sofa and Furniture Upholstery, Leather Bags and Handbags, Shoes and Boots, Wallets and Belts, Book Covers, Neoprene and Diver-Suits, Bedding and Mattress, Canvas Bags, Nylon Banners, Straps and Slings Webbing, and any other similar products made from medium to heavy weight materials, Extra Heavy Duty Thick Thread Sewing Machines are suitable for stitching Military Equipments, Tents and Parachute Rigger, Lifting Slings, Cargo Lashing Straps, Safety Harness and Climbing Ropes, Hot-air Balloons, Sails and Spinnakers, Leather Sofas and Armchairs, Car Seat Covers, ABS Luggage Case, Golf Bags, Horse Saddles, Blankets, Goodyear Shoes, Heavy Duty Soles, Pipe Insulation Covers, Belts, Heavy and Hard Cases, Jumbo FIBC Bags and other items made of Extra Heavy Weight and Thick Materials.
    To be a world famous Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machines Manufacturer and Supplier, to be a reliable partner for agents and customers from all over the world, to help producing top-ranking products for end users and consumers. Decorate more beautiful world by sewing threads, Enjoy quality life by luxury stitches, with KINGLEAD everybody can be the Winner of Life !China Heavy Duty Ornamental Decorative Stitch Machine manufacturers

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