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    Our History
    Shenzhen P-luck machinery technology co,.ltd has more than 8 years history for window and door machinery, specially for punching tooling and punching machine. We win lots of customers with high quality and good precision. With the operating tenet of "Sincerity creates success" , with sales service engineers who have much experience in their serving lines to provide the users with credible skill s and service at any moment.
    Our Factory
    P-luck Machine is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, research and development and sales of plastic steel door and window processing equipment ,top grade aluminum alloy door and window equipment .The working staff in the corporation is of high level intelligence and high technique. Besides, there are perfect and complete set of technical center, marketing center, network center, and training center, etc .as well as high-quality marketing, technical and management personnel in the corporation. For punching mold, we adopt 3D design to make sure our products in high precision, so that our customers can produce high quality and precise window and door.
    Our Product
    Punching tooling, tooling and machinery accessories punching machine, cutting machine, milling machine, the other window and door processing machinery.
    Product Application
    Used for PVC and Aluminium window and door, Aluminium curtain wall, metal window and door, blind windows, ect.
    Production Equipment
    CNC milling machine, two sets of 4 turret milling machine, 6sets of EDM machines, polishing machine.
    Production Market
    The equipment of our corporation has been exported to almost 20 countries like Russia, Australia, Canada, USA ,Philippines and Yemen and spoken highly of bye the foreign users., all of the customers give us high pride of our design , quality and service.
    Our Service
    Before order producing , we will make 3D design for tooling and machine ,after our customer confirm, then start producing, testing before customer inspection; if customer need, we will take videos and photos in detail to show how to use and how is working about the tooling and machine. We supply 12months guarantee after shipping, easy-broken parts will out of guarantee. Specially for Australia customers, we will go there each year , to supply some maintain or suggestion about the machinery and tooling use and maintain.Graphite Brass Sleeve suppliers

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