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    HR-630 cantilever wire cable twisting machine applied for cabling 4 pairs core wire of CAT-5, CAT-5e, CTA-6、HDMI、computer core wire with wrapping.
    Feature of cantilever cable twisting machine:
    PLC control system contain: twisting pitch setting, running twisting pitch presenting, main machine rpm presenting, line speed showing, twisting meters setting, actual twisting meters presenting, traverse setting, faults alarm etc.
    Touch screen (Weilun), PLC (Siemens)
    Control switches, button, indicator lamps(Schneider), contactors,air switches(SHIHLIN), relays(OMRON)
    AC Motors made by SIEMENS, Frequency Inverter made by Siemens.
    Main data for HR-630 cantilever wire twisting machine
    1. Max rotation speed: MAX1000R.P.M. (production normal 800 R.P.M.)
    2. Supply Power: meet client's requirement
    3. Suitable single wire dia.: Φ0.8~5.0mm insulation
    4. Finished dia.: Max 12mm.
    5. Bearing: main bearing SKF, other NSK.
    6. Color: change to meet client demand
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    Differences between cantilever single twising machine and ordinary single twisting machine
    1. Line speed of cantilever single twisting machine is 40% higher than ordinary single twisting machine.
    2. Different stucture design, cantilever single twisting machine's stranding pitch and tension more accurate and stable.
    3. For data cable twisting ordinary single twisting machine some extent influence the data communication quality but cantilever single twisting machine does not have that problem.Twisting Machine manufacturers

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